My name is Esperanza (Espy for short).
Wife, Student, Teacher, and Minister. I believe life is amazing when you learn to enjoy the little things. I’ve been in KCMO since 2011 and continually grow to love it. I’ve always been one to document life. I had a camera whether it was on a phone, iPod, or disposable. I enjoyed capturing joyful and adventurous moments to look back on everywhere I went. Once I realized what a treasure it was to hold onto those memories especially with how quickly time passes I dove right into YouTube, webinars, google searches, whatever I could find to help me learn and improve on my photography skills. Fast forward to today! I have been a self-taught photographer w/ over 65+ weddings under my belt, since Nov ’17 and LOVE IT! I love teaching & encouraging others! Which makes me even more passionate about photography because when I see families & couples I just want to capture all the moments I can for them! People may not realize this but photography captures more than a memory it grabs the expression, the love, the strength, and personality of ever individual. My husband & I’s big dream is to travel the world the big bonus is including my photography along our journey’s and getting the chance to hear & capture stories of lives EVERYWHERE!
Thank you for taking the time to look into my work, I love serving others and I hope to be of service to you!
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