My name is Esperanza (Espy for short).
Wife, Student, Teacher, and Minister. I believe life is amazing when you learn to enjoy the little things. I’ve been in KCMO since 2011 and continually grow to love it. I found the love of my life here and have pretty much always called Kansas City home since I arrived. I’ve always been one to document moments I had a camera whether it was on a phone, iPod, or disposable. I enjoyed capturing joyful and adventurous moments to look back on everywhere I went. Once I realized what a treasure it was to hold onto those memories especially with how quickly time passes I dove right into YouTube, webinars, google searches, whatever I could find to help me learn and improve on my photography skills. Fast forward to today! I have been a self-taught photographer w/ over 65+ weddings under my belt, since Nov ’17 and LOVE IT! I love teaching & encouraging others! Which makes me even more passionate about photography because when I see families & couples I just want to capture all the moments I can for them! People may not realize this but photography captures more than a memory it grabs the expression, the love, the strength, and personality of ever individual. My husband & I’s big dream is to travel the world the big bonus is including my photography along our journey’s and getting the chance to hear & capture stories of lives EVERYWHERE!
Thank you for taking the time to look into my work, I love serving others and I hope to be of service to you!
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