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I am based in Kansas City, MO with my wonderful husband (2015). We live life as an adventure serving & enjoying time together everywhere we go.  Photography has always been a thing for me even before I owned my own camera. By 2017 my hobby grew into a career. I'm a licensed minister passionate for children's ministry. Finished my AA in Teaching in 2020 to sub in elementary. I count myself extremely blessed with all I get to do in this world and even more blessed by the wonderful people I get to meet through this journey called life.

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Real Moments

Your wedding day is only the start . For some it may just be the next step in a already lasting relationship. During our time together I want to see your relationship shine. I want to see the you behind these images; so you can always have those moments to lean into, look back on, laugh at, smile at, or simply say "look how cute we are". 

Marriage takes a team to thrive and I am just here to let you know I am in your corner all the way. 

Coming Together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success
-Henry Ford

I believe the marriage is greater than the wedding day