Engagement Sessions

Jeff & Jessie
Talk about a hot couple, these two were made for each other and they help one another thrive in life.They are getting hitched May 2020 in Italy and as much as I wish I could join I have a family wedding to attend. I love getting to meet amazing people like these two!

Dylan & Autumn
Who doesn’t love a good Spring wedding! It was so much fun driving in golf carts seeing these two simple embrace their time together as knew wedding day was only a month out form our shoot date. The kindness and care these to show for each other is heart dropping. It’s moments like these that remind me why I love taking photos so much! I can’t wait for their May 4th Wedding Day!

Jesse & Haleigh

Talk about keeping a secret! I had to hold in this proposal for a month! Although the rain came and remained, making us change locations this could not have gone any better! Rain or Shine these two let nothing stop them from expression their love for one another.

Geo & Amanda

Living life with simplicity, trust, and support. That is all I could see in our evening together. It’s amazing to see two people come together as one and hear of the journey they have only begun.

Cameron & Sarai

These two are perfect for one another and all I know is Sarai is going to have some major abs from all the laughter and joy Cameron brings in her laugh. I can not wait for their wedding day!

Jordan & Amanda

This was such a beautiful evening walk with these two. I can tell life is gong to be a grand adventure for these two! Both of them being driven and after God’s own heart, it was a pleasure to capture these moments before the “I Do’s”

Chris & Lynn

No matter where these two go or any troubles that may come their way I know they will make it through! They know how to laugh through struggle and enjoy life together. After some beautiful moments at the park, it was a blast seeing these two attack one another with colored sand. Talk about showing your true colors..